Amazonia Films

Distribuidora Nacional de Cine AMAZONIA FILMS is a Government Foundation, ascribed to the Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Cultura according to the Gaceta Oficial de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela número 38.433 dated May 10th, 2006. It is part of the Cinema and Audiovisual Media Platform and was set up with the purpose of promoting and fostering the national and international distribution of films and audiovisual materials.
AMAZONIA FILMS promotes the distribution of national productions in Venezuela and abroad in order to divulge Venezuelan culture and idiosyncrasies through its audiovisual production. It supports Venezuelan artists so that their works are known and enjoyed around the world.
Likewise, AMAZONIA FILMS defends the diversity of origins and genres of foreign movies exhibited in the country, seeking to achieve a pluralistic and diversified cinematic offer of high quality, in accordance with the right of Venezuelans to enjoy cinematographic and audiovisual works of social and cultural interest.
For AMAZONIA FILMS the challenge does not end once the movie is available in the theatre. It extends to the distribution of films so that they are broadcasted on TV and massively distributed in the form of home videos. The goal is to provide ample and general access to audiovisual works through different exhibition channels as well as broadening the offer of screenings in the regions.
Since its foundation three years ago, AMAZONIA FILMS has premiered more than 50 audiovisual works, more than 5 children series and over 20 full length movies of diverse genres and geographic origins. They have been broadcasted with the support of alliances with the Sistema Nacional de Medios Públicos and community television broadcasters.
AMAZONIA FILMS has also developed a plan of Special Programs which results in massive screenings of works that are of artistic, social and cultural interest for the communities. They have been developed with an emphasis on reaching children and adolescents with the purpose of fomenting the development of a broader and more critical public of audiovisual contents in the country.
Since Venezuela has become the epicenter of a social and political process of transformation, AMAZONIA FILMS organizes film festivals where film makers, movie lovers, artists, young and old people from Venezuela and different latitudes of the world converge to watch and discuss worthwhile cinematic works, contributing to the reeducation of the audiences with films that depict the regional reality.
Sponsored by the state, the purpose of the festivals organized by AMAZONIA FILMS is to recognize the work of the professionals in the field of audiovisual media who every day make a great effort to strengthen the regional film industry and to heighten the love of our people for movies. These important events encourage the exchange of information and open up spaces where Venezuelan movie makers and people meet; moving towards the consolidation of a new Latin American cinema, celebrating the creative powers of the people. Due to the democratization of digital technology, the gap has become narrower allowing for greater access to audiovisual productions and distribution.

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